The Veterinary Consultant Gives 5 Article Writing Tips for Veterinary Marketing

“Knowing the basic is essential in writing effective articles,” says Dr. Keith Webb, the veterinary consultant. Familiarize yourself with the basics, apply it in your right-ups and amaze your readers! Writing effective and quality articles is a must because it will determine your practice’s success online! To learn more about effective writing for veterinary marketing (especially for beginners), read these Tips listed below.

Make use of Keyword research. Researching for keywords will definitely help you look for topics that are most likely what readers would want to read. Now, when you find a topic in a specific niche that appeals so much to readers, write a good article about it and you’re sure to lure more people to read your article!

All important topics must be updated. Why must your article be up to date? The reason is that more readers would want to read your articles if you always write in a timely manner; doing so will give you a higher chance in winning their business if readers will be enticed to read your articles. Be well informed about market fluctuations, environment concerns etc. because it will help you to create good and effective articles.

With outstanding titles you can grab the reader’s eyes. Before posting your article, focus on creating a captivating title for it! When readers are searching into topics that their interested in, they will look for a strong title and if your title is too lame to grab attention, your reader will read away. Make your title a delectable teaser for readers; you’ll surely have their attention!

Keywords must be easily searched. Always write keyword rich articles! Remember that it’s always not about what you say but how you say it. Keywords should be all throughout your paragraphs, title, and source box to make your article appear on keyword searches.

Keep your paragraphs written in small but informative chunks. By doing so you allow your readers to read with ease and if they can read it easily you have more chances of inviting them to do business with you- I’m talking about good possibility for new clients and sales! Always keep your paragraphs short, concise but powerful to keep your readers interest. Put yourself in their shoes, you wouldn’t want to read something with overwhelming group of words right? Boring!

If you are new to writing, choosing to follow these simple tips will surely get you driving on the road to success! Apply what you’ve learned and you’re sure to find gold from your efforts!


The Veterinary Consultant Reveals The Best Way To Build Massive One Way Links To Your Site

The Veterinary Consultant says, “It’s no mystery that one way link building is the most essential ingredient of any SEO strategy, simply because all search engines quantify and qualify your back-links so that you can assign a specific rank to your site.”

There are many ways to construct one way links, and you may or not be familiar with some of them, but just to name a couple of we can mention:

Article Submission

Social Bookmarking

Blog Commenting on do-follow blogs

Forum postings on do-follow forums

Directory Submission and so on ..

All of these link building techniques can play a part in your off page optimization and assist you in pushing your search engine rankings higher.

However, among all of the above mentioned link building techniques, there’s one that stands out for two reasons:

It can have a significant and immediate impact on your traffic flow, whereas the others will hardly drive any significant quantity direct traffic.

It can be effectively leveraged through the use of an automated submission tool, which means a lot more high quality one way links with almost zero work.

This method is none other than Article Marketing.

Now, why do I say that article marketing can have an immediate impact on your traffic flow?

Well, if you’ve ever submitted an article to a directory, you have probably noticed that you got around 30 visits within the first two days of your article going live and a couple of visits per week thereafter, which most likely turned into several leads for your practice.

The reason for it is that article traffic is of a higher quality and far more powerful, simply because inside an article, you can manage to gain a greater level of attention from your readers, so by the time they reach your website they most likely share many of your views about any given subject, making it a lot easier to turn that visitor into a paying client.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever tried submitting your articles to a number of article sites, you’ve probably seen how your website quickly starts ranking higher for the keywords you’re competing for (provided of course that you have a proper on-page optimization).

Now, imagine that rather than submitting your articles to 2-3 directories you would do the same but to 200 article sites. Well if you run the numbers, the amount of direct and immediate traffic is going to be huge, but more importantly you’ll have built 200 one way links to your website with just one article.

If a few articles submitted to 2-3 sites can visibly assist your search engine rankings, imagine what those same articles can do for your back-link building efforts if you submit them to 200 or more article directories.

Therefore, the best method to build massive one way links to your website is to submit your articles to a massive number of sites, however, do not even dream of doing this manually simply because you will be 6 months older by the time you finish submitting your articles.


The Veterinary Consultant Discusses What Do You Need To Know About Video Production

The veterinary consultant says that you may not be surprised to hear that displaying videos on your website (and sending them out through video directories), is crucial in helping to generate new clients. You need new clients, right? So you should be researching the “ins and outs” of video production for your website.

Essentially, there are a couple of solutions which depend on your available time and budget. One of these could be the perfect solution for you.

Going Solo

If you tend to like doing things yourself and have time on your side, then acquiring some Video Production Software is likely something you should look into.

Depending on how many features you are looking for, there are several programs that can range anywhere from $50 to over one thousand dollars.

Getting The Most For Your Money

If you go for the “lower end”, you may find limited features or a premium application could be way beyond your scope and you could leave you feeling helpless to produce that prize winning Video because to execute your dream video winds up taking up way to much “tutorial” and time with trial and error.

Who really knows – you won’t really know until you jump in with both feet. Once you are experienced, you can add video production services for your friends and other people.

One of the best websites I found for video production is “” and it may be the best economical choice for you.

Getting Help

Now this is where things get really fun!

Hiring outsourcers can be challenging. They can range from independent video producers to advertising firms.

Independent Producer

Depending on how busy they are, independent producers can produce videos that aren’t up to their normal high quality standards, and this is after you end up paying in the range of $400 to $700 for a one minute or less creative video.

You end up feeling that you should have spent $50 on a video software and just do it yourself.

Sometimes when independent producer’s work schedule is hectic, they don’t want to lose your project so they tack on another few months to the deadline and outsource it to someone else! But once it leaves their hands, you never know what kind of quality you will get back.

Is this the norm? Depends who you talk to. Many times, it’s best to check online internet marketing forums for advice and recommendations. But always do your homework because there are some great Independent Video Producers in most communities.

Advertising Firms

Usually employed by corporations, there are several out there who will produce that “national” quality video at very do-able rates for the small business owner getting exactly what they’re looking for. Rates can range from 1,000.00 and up for a 30 second creative.

There are a couple out there at 400.00 per 30-60 second creative.

These advertising companies are more accountable due to upholding their reputation within the industry, so you are often times much safer.

Firm Licensing

Video production rates include not only creating the video, but may also include licensing agreements.

It all depends on where you will display or present your video, which will factor into the licensing fees.

Fortunately since you’ll be airing your videos “Online” in most cases there is no extra fee or a very small one.

TV distribution is where you will get hit with licensing fees – National, Regional and Local Television distribution.

The end result is, make sure to talk to others and research – Do Your Homework to protect yourself!

Internet Marketing

The Veterinary Consultant Discusses Search Engine Optimization

“Search engine optimization and positioning is so popular nowadays that a lot of people are sent unsolicited search engine optimization proposals over the internet”, says the Veterinary Consultant. There are a lot of search engine optimization consultants that try to coax companies and individuals into paying lots of money for search engine optimization with guaranteed results and submission to over 100,000 search engines and directories.

In search engine optimization, there are no quick results or permanent top positions. There are actually no guarantees in SEO. There are no shortcuts either. Search engine optimization takes hard work and fine tuning of contents. It also needs tons of patience as results do not come overnight.

Content is also essential when it comes to search engine optimization. In fact, it is probably the single most powerful thing for you to do in order to be found on the World Wide Web. A site that is technically seamless for search engine robots, it will not help you much unless you put in good contents.

Frames cause problem for the people who find your site through search engines. If somebody follows the link from a search result listing to a frame-based site, they will land in a document that is outside of its parent frameset. This will most likely create confusion.

Most search engines do not place great importance on meta tags and meta descriptions any longer. They have been utilized way too much by spammers. However that does not mean you should drop it.

Check out your URLs. Make sure your domain name includes an important keyword. Also note essential parts in search engine optimization have a right page title. This line of text (in the title tag) appears on the title bar of your browser when you’re looking at a web site and ideally, it should contain your primary target keywords. Same goes for search engine optimization of headings. The heading tags of your pages (h1, h2, etc.) serve a dual purpose. They are very useful for search engine optimization.


The Veterinary Consultant Teaches Tips Online Marketing Success

“When it comes right down to it, a marketing coach is a marketing tool,” states Dr. Keith Webb, the veterinary consultant, “A practice that can’t market well online runs the risk of being lost among the rest of the poorly performing websites. In order to pluck your site up out of the abyss you need someone who can give you that edge for marketing smarter.”

A coach with a lot of previous marketing experience that can be verified is likely to be someone you can depend upon. The market is littered with staggering competition and in order to gain ground you’re going to have to do something that they probably aren’t doing. Get a coach.

It’s vital to have competency in a coach. Search engine optimization is one of the primary points of interest for you. You need a coach who completely understands that relevance of driving your SEO plan through the roof. Most online users use internet search engines in order to discover the right website. Serious focus on SEO results combined with intelligent use of other marketing techniques is what you’re looking for in a coach.

This means that those who are in the know go straight to the top. Less than 85% of those users also stay on first page results, so it’s definitely all about landing on that first results page.

If you’ve never been able to market a website up to the top of the first page of results you already understand that marketing is filled with tricks and pitfalls that can hold you back. You’ve probably received marketing emails from other marketers who are trying to sell you the best SEO trick since the invention of the internet. Purchasing their package tends to lead to disappointment as you soon discover that you’re already performing the ideas in their package.

When it comes to marketing a website correctly and for the long haul, you can ignore those who tell you how easy it is. Getting past all of the competition is not a task that can be done overnight. It certainly can be done, but it will done within a shorter period of time if you have a coach to help you get there.

Internet marketing might not be easy, but the ideas behind the marketing are quite simple. There are certain steps you need to take and other steps that you need to skip. A coach will be there to tell you which steps are which. This naturally leads to more traffic. The more you can get the targeted traffic to hit your site with some excitement the greater the return on your investment thus far.

A coach will be able to help you steer clear of the pitfalls of marketing. One of the other benefits of a marketing coach is simply having someone on your side. It’s a tough market out there and we all know that it often can be discouraging when a marketing plan doesn’t come together quite the way we hoped. A quick analysis of the plan and a little encouragement from your coach can be just the thing you need in order to get back out there swinging.

Let me know if you need help your practice thrive and grow! When you take advantage of the knowledge and skills of veterinary marketing consultant, you will have an immediate edge on your competition.


The Veterinary Consultant Discusses Practice Funding

Easily Find And Secure: Angel Investors, Private Investors, Institutional Investors And More! Raising capital for a start-up, an expansion or a company in virtually any position presents it’s challenges and roadblocks. There has been no period in recent history that can simulate the difficulties that current veterinarians are having when trying to achieve the procurement of venture capital. The standards have become more stringent and the cross-collateralization of personal and company assets as security for loans has virtually become a mandatory prerequisite for any type of funding, equity or loan based.

When initiating the process of raising capital one should take into consideration the use of a combination of funding options such as but not limited to: traditional venture capital, bank institutional, institutional equity investment, hedge fund lenders, private money lending, angel equity and loan investment, and many other concepts of capital raising that can be placed into a simultaneous strategy.

It’s a common mistake among veterinarians to place all of their attention and time into one singular aspect of the above funding concepts. Instead, you should pick a multi-pronged approach and go after multiple genres of financing for your practice. Some avenues will yield success, some will not but you are more likely to achieve incremental funding successes as oppose to one gargantuan, be all and end all finance victory.

To achieve funding you’ll need to be able to contact multiple finance sources to start the ball rolling. Find online membership database sites that are owned and operated by professionals in the venture capital industry.

There is a big difference between a generalized database of possible lenders and a strategic database of success driven finance solutions. Find the most cutting edge, full range database on the web and join them.


Veterinary Consultant Reveals A Good Way To Draw Attention To Your Practice

Promotional merchandise is a great way to get your message in front of an audience and keep it there for years to come, says the Veterinary Consultant. Although there are many other ways to promote your practice, such as co-op coupons, newspapers and direct mail, these forms come and go. Your message is in the paper today but not tomorrow, however your promotional merchandise is still there.

Choosing efficient promotional merchandise can be a lasting way of advertising your practices service and products. No matter what type of hospital you own (large, small, mixed) you will be able to find suitable promotional merchandise which will boost your campaign.

In the past, the most popular and widely used items for promoting a company or business were things like mugs and t-shirts. These are used to this day, since they are very durable and widely used. However, there are many more modern applications for promotional merchandise, too. Things like mouse mats and USB flash drives are just a couple examples of high tech things that you can print your practice’s name and/or logo on.

You can design your promotional merchandise and use them in a variety of ways. Some practices give out promotional merchandise to clients just to say thanks for their business. Other use promotional merchandise as prizes for contests they might offer. You can even design your promotional merchandise around an event theme your practice may be having.

When giving out your promotional items you want to make sure that it is something that your clients will consider useful. A coffee mug or umbrella, with your practice name, logo and message, will be used more then a paperweight, which may just sit behind them on a shelf.

If you are looking for new ways to improve your marketing strategy and have never tried promotional merchandise, give it a shot. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by how effective it is.