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Tele-seminars For Small Business Owners

People are used to hearing about electronic services being promoted by tele-seminars, but that is not their only use. You business depends on advertising for it’s success and using a tele-seminar to do this makes a lot of sense. You can hunt and peck trying to find a great way to market your business, or you can use the same methods that have yielded so much success to so many others. The most convenient way to set up registration is through a website.

Once you have reached a comfortable number of registered users you can send an e-mail advising them of the time and date of the tele-seminar. This e-mail can include the telephone number and pass code the user must use to log into the seminar.

Showing courtesy by starting your tele-seminar on time is a must. Structure for it is easy. Establish credibility by introducing yourself, as well as any guests you may have, and listing everyone’s qualifications. You know the attendees are interested in what you have to say or they wouldn’t be there, so tell them about your good. You could talk about price, the benefits of owning the service, and how the consumer could obtain the product.

Ideally you would allow anyone with any feedback to speak so you can use their feedback in further product development. This practice will reveal to you exactly what users are getting from using your program. They will tell you your price may be high or low. You may even learn additional features that people will pay extra money for.

This is all really beneficial to a business or an individual who is trying to sell a new good. Given that you have a receptive an interested audience of voluntary attendees, making sales and closing deals is easy. Some marketers might say that it is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel and the analogy is not poorly placed. Seeing the power of the internet for advertising your business will bring focus to your advertising. Introducing a whole new service line can be costly and using a tele-seminar before you do may save you thousands. You will find that there is no better way to relay information to your customers.

Gone are the days of over the phone sales, because tele-seminars focus the attendees on sales channels and drive them to purchase at once. You can get your message out to the masses with just one teleconference.

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SEO Trainer Selection Tips

SEO is a tremendously specialised domain of internet marketing. There are a lot of professed experts yet the proof of the pudding comes when a business can systematically rank different types of web sites from diverse industries in different search engines. A top flight SEO company will have a range of skill sets available in its team if it is to be successful.

However, training is very distinct. Someone that is great at generating results may not be effective at communicating to others how they can get results.

Many SEO trainers are hands on SEO optimizers and they do not have a professional IT training background.

Here are five points to take account of when taking on a great SEO training company.


Ask the SEO company if their trainers are SEO pros as well as experienced IT trainers. Do they have the slkill, know-how and skill to deal with individuals in a classroom situation so that the trainees can fully gain from their SEO skills?


Does the SEO trainer have working hands-on experience of ranking numerous distinct types of websites on Google, Yahoo and MSN – can they show you the results! Or is the trainer a script instructor – they learnt from a book all the hypotheses but have not learnt the hard cold facts about SEO in the SEO ‘jungle’. Will they be able to lend to the table the help skills to solve YOUR problems on YOUR website? It’s a simple matter of asking.


What technical scope does your SEO trainer have? Have they an extensive web development background so that they can deal all the core areas that they need to help you rank and learn about ranking your website. A top flight SEO expert teacher should have 2+ years’ web development skills in both HTML and programming languages combines as a minimal.


Does the training come with any followup support? Like all training – on the day everything is easy – yet after the course when you get back the story is different! What after training support is offered by the SEO training company in writing so that you know you will be able to integrate your education effectively.


What is the company’s current ranking on Google? Have you checked what their current ranking is for keywords like SEO, SEO training, SEO services etc? If they are not on the first page or the top of the 2nd page in the local Google site then maybe they are doing training too early before they have established themselves properly. So go check their rankings right away or just ask them!

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What is SEO?

Any query of a popular phrase in a search engine would result in a huge number of results. In such a competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables a company to figure among the top search results for a search relating to a specific word. Figuring at the top of a web search means more traffic for your website, resulting in more business, and that is why SEO has gained such popularity in the last few years.

There are two types of SEO – white hat and black hat. Black hat SEO entails somewhat unethical ways to make a website appear at the top of the search rankings. However, white hat SEO only uses those techniques which are largely accepted and do not go against the principles of the search engines.

With the purpose to comprehend the significance of a web page for a specific keyword, search engines conventionally used the page’s Meta data, which is inscribed into the code of the page by webmasters. However, major search engines now utilise intricate algorithms to display the results that are filtered on the basis of over 200 varied factors.

SEO professionals have to be aware of all the new developments made by search engines and find out the relative weight of different factors in a search algorithm. Based on these findings, they enhance the SEO methods used by their clients so that their websites remain competitive. For the older algorithms, which used just the Meta data and web site content, the optimization technique used was to bring the concentration of a keyword on the page to an appropriate level and managing the Meta tags of the page.

Although these aspects are critical even today, the popularity of the web page is now more significant as far as the search engines are concerned. The popularity of a web page is judged based on the number of links to it from other web pages. Each link is thus seen as a vote for the page and the algorithm becomes democratic in essence. Because of this, now SEO has to concentrate on offsite techniques as well, such as providing content for free to receive embedded links and developing a presence on online mediums for social interaction, such as blogs, forums etc.

The most important thing to keep in mind about SEO is that it is not static. This field keeps changing and your techniques must be up to date with the changes. This is what makes using the services of a professional SEO consultant so critical.

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3 Things To Do NOW To Get A Ton Of Customers

You hear it everywhere that with today’s economy its difficult to make it. But I’m here to tell you otherwise. The situation we are in is an actually ideal time to take over your competition, get a flood of new customers and get into position to start making real profits. The real point is to use your head and use all your resources right.

We all want to save money while getting a flood of new customers. I have included 3 things you can do now to start getting those leads now.

1. Market Your Business Online The Internet is a huge force and consumers are relying on it big time. Consequently, other media like the yellow pages and newspapers are dying a slow death. If you’re still spending money these, I hope it’s only because you’re already maxing out your Internet marketing efforts.

You see, with Pay Per Click marketing you create targeted ads that position you in front of interested, ready-to-buy prospects at the EXACT moment they’re looking for you. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

It is called “Pay” per click for a reason, you are spending a lil money to get someone to come to your site. Another area of online marketing that is more cost effective (FREE!) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process of making your website appealing to the search engines so you get ranked high for certain keywords.

For example, if you’re in Sugar Land, TX and you provide SEO services, you’d want to rank well for ‘SEO Sugar Land TX’. If you can get your website onto the 1st page of Google, the amount of leads it could get your business could keep you busy for the next couple years.

Really I don’t agree with traditional SEO companies who only want to rank your website on the 1st page of Google. With certain techniques you can have your company on every single spot on Google’s first page.

2. Use Highly Targeted Direct Mail If you’re sending out direct mail, but aren’t doing anything to make sure it’s highly targeted, you’re wasting both time and money.

Yes direct mail is the most powerful way of getting more new leads and customers but you must execute it properly. Sadly, most companies randomly send out a large amount of postcards in an area but do not consider how qualified that customer really is.

To see real results cut your list down depending on your budget so that you can send out a series of marketing pieces one per month for a whole year to qualified prospects.

I know it sounds like overkill but your results will far outweigh your traditional random blasting out of marketing pieces.

3. Use Joint Venture Partnerships Joint ventures are often overlooked but can be very helpful. Who does want to get their message in front of the most qualified leads as possible?

But when you partner up with businesses that are already servicing your ideal client you bypass both the time and expense part because you’re borrowing the trust and credibility your JV partner has with his client list.

The best way to approach this is to find a group of non-competitive businesses that are already servicing your ideal client. Come up with some killer offer you can make them and tell your new JV partner that you’ll let him give this offer to his clients as a ‘gift’.

Your JV partner will send out a letter (or you send it out on their stationary written like it’s from them) telling his customers about the ‘free gift’, he gets a bunch of surprised and satisfied clients, and you get a whole bunch of new, qualified clients for your business.

Don’t believe everything you hear about the horrible economy. Yes it is bad but with the right steps you can turn it around.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t still create a thriving, profitable business amidst the storm. All it takes is a little focus, some determination, but most importantly SMART execution of solid business principles.

Now it is your job to put these 3 ideas into action for your business.

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