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Important Information For All Veterinarians…

“Top Consulting Firm Reveals The Strategies, Techniques And Systems Used To Take One Practice From $0 To Over $1 Million Dollars In Under 3 Years, And Gives You The Chance To Do The Same 100% Risk Free”

These Game Changing Strategies Will Work For You Regardless Of Whether You’re A New Practice, An Established Hospital Struggling To Expand, Or Even An Owner Looking To Sell For A Higher Price

Dear Colleague,

The global economic meltdown has had a crushing affect on almost every vocation under the sun, including ours. The costs of running a practice have shot up, many newly qualified professionals are saddled with debt that’s getting harder to pay, recruiting and retaining loyal staff that are prepared to work full time hours is an uphill struggle and more damaging than anything else, clients are finding it almost impossible to pay for vital treatment for their animals.

It’s a sad fact that some pet owners simply cannot afford to pay for the standard of care that you can provide even though their pets mean the world to them. What are you supposed to do? How are you going to help your patients if their owners can’t pay for the vaccinations, medications and treatments their pets need? You cannot run a successful practice by offering your time and expertise for free.

You Provide An Invaluable Service.
Without You How Many Sick Animals Wouldn’t Survive?

Listen…We’re veterinarians because we love animals. That’s why I left my little farming town in Missouri all those years ago to attend vet school. It was my burning desire to save the lives of as many animals as I could that drove me to study every spare moment I had, on top of working a 30 hours a week to pay my tuition and bills.

Like most vets, after completing my studies I slaved for someone else, all the while dreaming of the day I could run my very own practice. When all of a sudden it hit me, I didn’t have any business, financial, or marketing experience. Vet school had taught me all I needed to know about animal health and how to treat sick animals, BUT…They had taught me nothing about running a business. Does any of this sound familiar?

Suddenly there I was, working and studying every hour God gave me (at the expense of my family), desperately trying to figure out how to build a thriving practice capable of providing a superior level of care to as many patients as possible, while maintaining high quality customer service for my clients. The problem was…I had no idea how to:

  • Attract quality clients
  • Keep those clients loyal
  • Recruit and train staff
  • Manage the cash flow of the practice
  • Set and maintain my prices
  • Become efficient with inventory…
  • Along with everything else on an endless list of tasks involved with starting and growing a profitable practice.

I’m sure most of you’ve been there too. When you first started your practice didn’t you spend more time learning accounting, practice management and marketing instead of doing what you’re REALLY supposed to be doing…Treating sick animals?

So what did I do? I went to dozens of practice management seminars, learning about customer service, pricing, practice management, and the art of keeping costs down. I read shelves full of books about marketing and spent countless hours planning, writing, and coming up with hundreds of ideas of my own. And do you know what happened? The work paid off! My first practice grew from nothing to over $1 million dollars in under 3 years.

Fast forward to today, and I am working less hours, treating more patients, and making more money than at any other point in my career, even in this dreadful economy. And I have some great news for you…You can achieve the exact same results once you know the best-kept secrets to successful practice management and marketing.

You Could Have As Many Patients Coming
Through Your Doors As You Can Handle –
No Matter How Many People Tell You Otherwise

Trying to grow and sustain your business alone in these tough times can be a frightening and daunting process, especially in an economy where a lot of new practices are going broke shortly after they open, and older, more established practitioners have to put off retirement because they just can’t afford it.

Not everyone is a natural businessperson. We veterinarians are into diagnosing and prescribing, not management, accounting, and marketing, but there is a solution!

Let me explain…The best way to grow into a large thriving practice that actually makes you a good profit, and allows you to concentrate on improving the lives of your patients and clients, is to get a veterinary consultant on your team.

What Did I Tell All The Vets That Wanted My Advice?

My name is Dr Keith Webb, and as you can imagine, after 23 years of being a successful practice owner I always get a heap of veterinarians, younger practitioners who were just starting out, as well as some experienced colleagues, who’d ask me for tips and advice on how they could expand their practices as quickly as I did. I always gave them the best of my knowledge and suggest they consider getting a professional practice management consultant on board.

But I would always hear the same reasons why they didn’t want to…

  • They were worried about the initial cost involved since some consulting firms charge anywhere between $10,000-$20,000+ in fees UPFRONT, with no guarantee you will see a profit from their services.
  • Many practice consultants are not from a veterinary background, and most vets want to work with someone with industry experience.
  • Some had been ripped off by “Get rich quick” experts, who only delivered on half of their promised services.
  • While some had used a consulting firm before, but felt like they needed help to actually implement the strategies they were taught.

It was clear to me that many practices needed the help of a practice consultant, but had been put off because the ones they had used in the past weren’t getting the results they’d promised. Even worse, these practice owners were spending money they didn’t have in order to take that leap of faith.

As you are very aware, investing money in your business is not something that you do without a great deal of thought, and care. And once you’ve been let down, you are very unlikely to make the same mistake again. So, I came up with an idea. An idea that would not only benefit the profession I love and have devoted my life to, but that would also give me the chance to indirectly aid and improve the lives of more patients…Even without treating a single one myself! I founded Veterinary Management Consultants.

A Chance To Make A Real Difference

I put together a group of some of the most dedicated consultants our industry had to offer. People who understand the day to day struggles of a veterinary practice, and who love the feeling of nursing an animal from the edge of death, to being happy, healthy, and full of life, as much as you do.

We were sick and tired of seeing good professionals struggling to keep their practices alive. Having to work ridiculous hours, and scandalously undercharging for the life saving work they do. You, your family, and your patients deserve more!

The good news is that even in this horrible economy it is possible to maintain and grow a massively successful practice. I have done it myself (more than once!), and my team of dedicated consultants take great pleasure in seeing our clients do it too. Our aim is to help you build the practice you always dreamed of.

Do You Like The Idea Of NO Up Front Fees And NO Risk?

Before I give you a taste of some of the strategies we will put to work for you, we need to discuss something very important. With some practice consultants charging over $20,000 in upfront fees, you may be wondering how on earth are you supposed to afford to take on a consultant, especially in a troubled economy.

Well, we want our services to be available to as many practices as possible. And since I’m also a firm believer that a consulting firm must improve the profitability and stability of your business or else your time, money, and effort has been wasted… We do not charge ANY upfront fees! You only pay us a percentage of your increased profits.

In other words, you can try out all of the ideas, strategies and systems we provide 100% risk free. If you do not profit from what we do, you simply don’t pay a cent. You can now benefit from our expert guidance and my 23 years experience, without risking a single dollar of your money. How does that sound?

Here Are Just Some Of The Skills We’ll Help You Develop

We will:

  • Teach you the simplest ways of running the financial side of your business, from setting prices to lowering the cost of your inventory and utilities.
  • Bring in new strategies and systems that will allow you to attract and retain clients that can afford to pay you what you are worth, and will keep coming back for years to come.
  • Help you increase the long-term profitability of your clients.
  • Work with you to develop systems that allow you to spend more time practicing medicine, and less time “running a business”
  • Show you how to dominate your competitors online so you are the first practice people find
  • Teach and implement mobile marketing campaigns that will leave your competitors scratching their heads.
  • Initiate and manage cutting-edge SMS text messaging and bluetooth marketing campaigns that will stimulate new and old clients to book appointments at the drop of a hat

These are all vital elements of running a successful modern practice, which has the capability to expand and grow. But you’ll discover the practical components of your business too as we cover some more advanced techniques designed to bring more clients through the doors that will stay with your practice for life. Techniques such as positioning yourself as the local authority, and the only practice anyone with an animal should go to. Not only does this increase your bottom line, but it gives you the chance to treat more patients.

Expanding Your Client Base, And Tapping New Sources
Of Business Is Much Easier Than You Might Think…
We Will Show You How!

Imagine being in charge of a practice, bustling with clients who value your service, and the care you give to their pets. Clients who are happy to pay the money you should rightfully be earning as a professional medical practitioner that saves lives, and cares about the well being of their beloved animals. How nice would it be to know you have a team of the very best staff available, who are fully committed to enhancing the overall performance, and reputation of your practice?

I can tell you from experience that having a strong foundation is a very large piece of the success puzzle, and my team will work with you and your staff in areas such as practice administration, client relations, client attraction, compliance and maintenance of the day-to-day running of a busy practice. We will stay by your side as long as your business and your patients need us. We become partners in your success!

A Large Increase In Your Profits Is Vital

Obviously, we wouldn’t make you this offer if we weren’t confident in your success. We are all about RESULTS and we will not be happy until you are able to:

  • Spend more time saving animals and less time being a manager
  • Have less stress and higher profits
  • Have a superior level of service and commitment from your staff
  • Attract and retain as many clients as you can handle
  • Secure your position as the veterinary authority in your area
  • Earn more money
  • And most importantly…have more time for you and your family.

If we cannot help you to achieve the results you desire and deserve, then quite frankly we don’t want your money.

You Can Take The First Steps Today

So what happens now? Once you get in contact with our office, you’ll complete a practice evaluation questionnaire. We’ll then compare your answers and numbers with industry statistics, look at your demographics and competition, discuss a strategic plan and determine the right course of action, and finally, we’ll come to you and help implement the systems and training…We never just “Leave it to you!”

Theory is great, but this is a consulting firm that believes in actually being on hand to help our practices implement what we teach. We are always on hand to guide you through any bumps or issues along the way, so you can be free to do what you do best…Treating animals that need your expertise.

So Now You Have A Couple Of Options

You can continue as you are in the hope that the recession goes away and your competition does nothing to enhance or ramp up its operation…Or you can get in contact with us right away so we can get started.

It’s really not all doom and gloom out there. People love their animals and need the services you provide, so there really is no time like the present to take the first steps on the journey to build the practice you dreamed of all those years ago in vet school!

Just fill out our “Contact Us” form and one of our consultants will get back to you right away.

To your success,

Dr. Keith Webb

Keith Webb, DVM

P.S. – We devote a lot of consulting hours to our clients; therefore, we are only able to work with a limited number of practices at one time. In order to secure your place on our client list get in contact with us now. If we cannot take you on right away we will be more than happy to put you on our waiting list.

P.P.S. Remember there is absolutely no upfront fees whatsoever. You only pay a percentage of the increased profit you make as a result of our work with you. This really is as 100% risk free as it gets.