Veterinary Consultant Reveals How To Steal the Competitor’s Clients

Let’s not kid ourselves. Customers only care about one thing, WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”) and yet small businesses often commit the sin of advertising about themselves or their business. Many small business owners, and sometimes their advertising executives can’t tell the difference between the two.

The thing is, you’re not alone. You are not the only one who has been committing this “sin” in your small business advertising. So are you competitors. So if you mimic your competition’s advertising, you wont get the results you’re after.

If you can cease that way of advertising, then you will be able to make you small business advertising much more effective. Also if you change your message and delivery, you’ll be able to “steal” your competition’s customers! By using subtle and effective changes to your advertising, your competitors wont be able to tell why their clients are suddenly after your business.

Telling your customers what’s in it for them is the key to small business advertising. Tell them why they should turn towards your businesses product or service as opposed to any other business advertising. Whether a small business is the “best” or the “fastest”, it only seems like bragging on an advertisement, instead of answering the client’s question.

Nobody likes to listen to others brag, business or not. They don’t care why you’re so awesome. What will they get from your business?

So tweak your advertising a little bit and focus specifically on the benefits to the customer. One very popular home supply store doesn’t advertise that they’re the cheapest. Instead, in order to answer the customer’s number one question, they could put “You save big money!” When it comes to the person reading or listening to the advertisement, they’d recognize that your businesses focus is towards them. The customer knows that it’s just for them.

Changing that focus through subtle changes in the words you use in your small business advertising is really very simple. It’s all about changing your message from “we” and “I” and “our” to “you” and “your.” Speak directly to your customers in easy-to-understand language and tell them how they can have the things they want in their life by buying what you’re selling. Put something along the line of, “Your dreams will become reality with xyz.” “xyz” being what you’re selling.

Examining your small business advertising messages, and changing them when needed takes some practice.. As these adjustments are made, you’ll begin to notice an growth in business. They may not catch on to the subtle differences in your ads while heading to your business, but you’ll know it’s cause you avoided bragging, and answered what’s in it for them.

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