Veterinary Consultant Shows How To Get Targeted Traffic Using Twitter

“There is a steady influx of new social networking sites on the internet”, according to the Veterinary Consultant, “and Twitter is just like these sites. “Twitter is a social media community with the the easy-to-grasp concept of “What are you doing?” or where people can just update everyone on their lives as often as they like. You can share as many small and intimate details about your life as you want and change the information provided at any time.

Using Twitter you can very easily, without much effort start to drive targeted traffic to your website by posting short messages called Tweets all day, 24/7. You can also choose to log into Twitter on your Blackberry or mobile phone, making it that much easier to attract more visitors to your website. Whether you have a blog or own your site, just about everyone is vying for traffic to their web property. People like to follow blogs or websites when they continually have progress updates. It’s as simple as signing up for Twitter and posting messages. There are no restrictions on how you can employ this mighty service for the purpose of marketing. For instance, you can use it to easily and effectively market your own service or product or someone elses, tell everyone about a a special event your company is having, or anything else.

Obviously, the very first thing you must do is get a Twitter account. It’s very simple to sign up for, takes very little time, and won’t cost you a thing. You don’t even need to have a website of your own to sign up. All you have to do is select a username and you are ready to start. After you have your account is activated you’ll be able to invite other people, prospects or potential customers, to start following you. This is simply a promotion asking people to follow you, nothing more. Nothing is mentioned about products or services when you are inviting others to follow you. You can use contacts that you already have in your email address book and send email invitations, with an explanation of why and how they should follow you on Twitter. Most likely, a large number contacts won’t have to start up a Twitter account to come with you because they’re already signed up. Slow and steady, you will build a substantial number of followers to your account. As always, you’ll want to take care of your followers and treat them like gold. How are you supposed to to this? You should make special offers to them regularly, and also provide them with beneficial and useful information. For example, you may want to offer “Twitter Only” promotional offers, giving discounts to your followers. To entice more people to follow you, you can limit these offers to those people who are following you. This way you will start to have people referring others to follow you and get their friends and family into your list just to take advantage of your offer.

You obviously have to be an active part of the Twitter community. For example, you should add something beneficial to the community. If your sole use of Twitter is for posting your website updates you’ll earn the reputation of a spammer. You will actually find that no one in the community appreciates what you have to offer and actually avoids you. Can there be anything worse than being avoided by potential customers? In order to really make use of Twitter, follow the other people in your niche and you’ll find that many of them will follow you. The greater the amount of followers you have, the better chance you have of a positive outcome. You have to use the right attitude when you try to use Twitter to generate traffic for marketing. You need to keep active, read other people’s tweets, and respond to them. It’s all about being involved like I said. Twitter is conversational in nature. Tweets go back and forth, creating dialogue which can be seen and read and commented on by others. Be sure to use the profile feature on Twitter to your best advantage, keeping in mind that it can be seen by people to respond to your tweets. Tweeting expands your market by connecting you with people who follow the people you tweet. This is why it is necessary that you grow these conversations and keep contributing to them, and be active.

To make things a little more automated, you can take advantage of sites like Twitterfeed to connect your RSS feed to your Twitter account. To make that more clear, every time you update your website, your RSS feed will then post your updates to your Twitter account. This assures your updates are done frequently. Don’t bombard people though, you wouldn’t want to be the latest spammer everyone hates. Try to mix these updates with your natural tweets. Twitter can provide a windfall for marketers who need solid focused traffic that easily converts to sales. But it does take some time and effort to really see big results with it. To drive traffic to your website keep your updates consistent, intersperse them with your own commentary, and interact with others in a genuine way.

Finally, to really make Twitter work for you and start getting good results from it, you need to make sure that you don’t rush into it. Make a commitment to building your following and gaining their trust before you hit them with promotions. Spend some time hunting for relevant questions too.

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