Veterinary Consultant Discusses How Yahoo Compares To Bing?

While many may believe that the drop in the search engine’s popularity may be due to the new Microsoft search engine Bing, there may be more to it than that according to the Veterinary Consultant. Yahoo who held about 22% of customer searches in December of 2009, held only about 17% of that same market only a month later in January 2010. But is Bing really the problem?

For many years Yahoo has been far behind the leading search engine, Google. Although many are aware of this fact, what they are not aware of is that this has more to do with the appearance of their home page, than it does with the actual search results that are produced. Many search engines often overlook there search page, however this is the reason that some are successful and others fail.

The Google and Bing home pages are very simple. And while they do provide their customers with something to look at they are not overwhelming pages for someone to deal with. This could in fact be the reason for Bing’s growing success over the past several months, they have made a very simple homepage, that when held up next to Google, seems to have some very similar characteristics.

The imaginary on the home page is simple and relates to world events. There are some standard links, on Bing; however they are off to the side and do not interfere with the search box, or overwhelm the users with what to do. This is very much unlike Yahoo that has links and pictures all around making the site a confusing mess. Even though Yahoo allows you to create your own homepage, everything is still very cluttered and close. This is also a mistake that was made by the once popular AOL, who had lost many of their customers to Google.

Yahoo could possibly be capable of redeeming themselves through simplifying there page, however it may be a trifle to late. In order for a search engine to succeed it must be simple and user friendly, and since so many users have already left Yahoo for Google or Bing, it will be difficult for them to get these customers back.

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