The Veterinary Consultant Reveals The Best Way To Build Massive One Way Links To Your Site

It is no mystery that one way link building is the most important ingredient of any SEO strategy, because all search engines quantify and qualify your back-links so that you can assign a particular rank to your site.

The Veterinary Consultant says, “It’s no mystery that one way link building is the most essential ingredient of any SEO strategy, simply because all search engines quantify and qualify your back-links so that you can assign a specific rank to your site.”

There are many ways to construct one way links, and you may or not be familiar with some of them, but just to name a couple of we can mention:

Article Submission

Social Bookmarking

Blog Commenting on do-follow blogs

Forum postings on do-follow forums

Directory Submission and so on ..

All of these link building techniques can play a part in your off page optimization and assist you in pushing your search engine rankings higher.

However, among all of the above mentioned link building techniques, there’s one that stands out for two reasons:

It can have a significant and immediate impact on your traffic flow, whereas the others will hardly drive any significant quantity direct traffic.

It can be effectively leveraged through the use of an automated submission tool, which means a lot more high quality one way links with almost zero work.

This method is none other than Article Marketing.

Now, why do I say that article marketing can have an immediate impact on your traffic flow?

Well, if you’ve ever submitted an article to a directory, you have probably noticed that you got around 30 visits within the first two days of your article going live and a couple of visits per week thereafter, which most likely turned into several leads for your practice.

The reason for it is that article traffic is of a higher quality and far more powerful, simply because inside an article, you can manage to gain a greater level of attention from your readers, so by the time they reach your website they most likely share many of your views about any given subject, making it a lot easier to turn that visitor into a paying client.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever tried submitting your articles to a number of article sites, you’ve probably seen how your website quickly starts ranking higher for the keywords you’re competing for (provided of course that you have a proper on-page optimization).

Now, imagine that rather than submitting your articles to 2-3 directories you would do the same but to 200 article sites. Well if you run the numbers, the amount of direct and immediate traffic is going to be huge, but more importantly you’ll have built 200 one way links to your website with just one article.

If a few articles submitted to 2-3 sites can visibly assist your search engine rankings, imagine what those same articles can do for your back-link building efforts if you submit them to 200 or more article directories.

Therefore, the best method to build massive one way links to your website is to submit your articles to a massive number of sites, however, do not even dream of doing this manually simply because you will be 6 months older by the time you finish submitting your articles.

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