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What is SEO?

Any query of a popular word in a search engine would yield a large number of results. In such a competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables a firm to come within the top search results for a search relating to a particular word. The reason for the growing popularity of SEO in last few years is that the appearance of the website in top search results helps in getting more visitors to it, which very often converts into more business.

Any query of a popular phrase in a search engine would result in a huge number of results. In such a competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables a company to figure among the top search results for a search relating to a specific word. Figuring at the top of a web search means more traffic for your website, resulting in more business, and that is why SEO has gained such popularity in the last few years.

There are two types of SEO – white hat and black hat. Black hat SEO entails somewhat unethical ways to make a website appear at the top of the search rankings. However, white hat SEO only uses those techniques which are largely accepted and do not go against the principles of the search engines.

With the purpose to comprehend the significance of a web page for a specific keyword, search engines conventionally used the page’s Meta data, which is inscribed into the code of the page by webmasters. However, major search engines now utilise intricate algorithms to display the results that are filtered on the basis of over 200 varied factors.

SEO professionals have to be aware of all the new developments made by search engines and find out the relative weight of different factors in a search algorithm. Based on these findings, they enhance the SEO methods used by their clients so that their websites remain competitive. For the older algorithms, which used just the Meta data and web site content, the optimization technique used was to bring the concentration of a keyword on the page to an appropriate level and managing the Meta tags of the page.

Although these aspects are critical even today, the popularity of the web page is now more significant as far as the search engines are concerned. The popularity of a web page is judged based on the number of links to it from other web pages. Each link is thus seen as a vote for the page and the algorithm becomes democratic in essence. Because of this, now SEO has to concentrate on offsite techniques as well, such as providing content for free to receive embedded links and developing a presence on online mediums for social interaction, such as blogs, forums etc.

The most important thing to keep in mind about SEO is that it is not static. This field keeps changing and your techniques must be up to date with the changes. This is what makes using the services of a professional SEO consultant so critical.

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