The Veterinary Consultant Reveals Why Just Simple Article Submission May Not be Enough

The Veterinary Consultant Reveals Why Just Simple Article Submission May Not be Enough

All article submission tools are not the same. That being said, what makes one submission tool better than the other? The answer is simple but also complex. Simply put, generating hundreds of submissions of the same article creates a momentary back-link to a URL. Creating hundreds of variations of an article and submitting it does two things: one, it creates a back-link to the URL(s) in your resource box; two, it also benefits you in an SEO way because it creates hundreds of different submissions by the same author with links back to your resource box URLs.

Article submitters that can “modify” an article into many different variations are far more beneficial in the long term because they not only create back-links but they establish you as a prolific writer and subject authority. If you are just writing and submitting the same articles, you are only getting half of the benefit.

I have been discussing article marketing for some time so don’t get me wrong — article writing and submission is one of the best tools for SEO. There is no question that it will be of significant benefit in the long run. However, if you could multiply those efforts at the same time, wouldn’t you? Of note though, you need to be careful about what tools you use to “modify” your articles. If you use a bargain basement brand, you may actually hinder your efforts. Some of these tools spew out unintelligible sentences that can actually hurt you chances of establishing yourself as an authority.

Both functions are necessary to complete your primary goals of traffic and SE rankings. Is this impossible? No. Difficult? Yes.

There is no question that article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic and recognition to your website, blog or affiliate sales page. The only issue that I’ve had is that with simple article submitters, you get the distribution but you run the risk of distributing duplicate content which can hurt your chances for better ranking success. Several months ago I came across a service which really accomplishes both tasks beautifully. I tested it and I was very impressed with the results.

One of the key elements of successful article distribution is the blending of both distribution and article modification. They come hand-in-hand. One thing that simple article submitters do not do is tie in your niche keywords into the article directories they are submitting to. This is a very powerful tactic in itself that will produce fantastic results each time you write and submit an article.

You really need to have all three of these present in any submission tool. Anything less is not fully maximizing your article writing efforts.

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