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SEO Trainer Selection Tips

SEO is a very differentiated line of business of net marketing. It’s a combination of so many skill arenas. An effective SEO business will have a range of SEO skills within its team so that it can tackle the umteen issues that they will face in ranking a site on Google and other search engines.

SEO is a tremendously specialised domain of internet marketing. There are a lot of professed experts yet the proof of the pudding comes when a business can systematically rank different types of web sites from diverse industries in different search engines. A top flight SEO company will have a range of skill sets available in its team if it is to be successful.

However, training is very distinct. Someone that is great at generating results may not be effective at communicating to others how they can get results.

Many SEO trainers are hands on SEO optimizers and they do not have a professional IT training background.

Here are five points to take account of when taking on a great SEO training company.


Ask the SEO company if their trainers are SEO pros as well as experienced IT trainers. Do they have the slkill, know-how and skill to deal with individuals in a classroom situation so that the trainees can fully gain from their SEO skills?


Does the SEO trainer have working hands-on experience of ranking numerous distinct types of websites on Google, Yahoo and MSN – can they show you the results! Or is the trainer a script instructor – they learnt from a book all the hypotheses but have not learnt the hard cold facts about SEO in the SEO ‘jungle’. Will they be able to lend to the table the help skills to solve YOUR problems on YOUR website? It’s a simple matter of asking.


What technical scope does your SEO trainer have? Have they an extensive web development background so that they can deal all the core areas that they need to help you rank and learn about ranking your website. A top flight SEO expert teacher should have 2+ years’ web development skills in both HTML and programming languages combines as a minimal.


Does the training come with any followup support? Like all training – on the day everything is easy – yet after the course when you get back the story is different! What after training support is offered by the SEO training company in writing so that you know you will be able to integrate your education effectively.


What is the company’s current ranking on Google? Have you checked what their current ranking is for keywords like SEO, SEO training, SEO services etc? If they are not on the first page or the top of the 2nd page in the local Google site then maybe they are doing training too early before they have established themselves properly. So go check their rankings right away or just ask them!

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